About Us

Starrz Dance is a bay area based Bollywood dance company, dedicated to assisting dancers on their journey to better their skills.StarrzDance takes in everyone, from beginners to dancers with experience, from adults to children as young as 4. We provide the guidance that is necessary for every step of the way


Starrz Dance blossoms an interest in dance for beginners, helping them discover a hidden talent. With students performing and placing in shows and competitions such as Sony Boogie Woogie International Competition, Starrz Dance gives the emerging star a platform on which to be noticed


We pride ourselves on our ability to instill positive ideas and increase the self-confidence of our students, traits that continue to help them outside the walls of the Starrz Dance studio. Our goal is not only to bring the joy of dance to every one of our students, but also to provide a creative channel through which to nurture their development.


Starrz Dance’s highly qualified instructors help students learn what it takes to give a breath taking performance. With the help of Starrz Dance who knows, you might just be the next Hrithik Roshan or Madhuri.


Receiving much love from the local communities, Starrz Dance has decided to give something back in return. Starrz Dance believes in a responsibility to their community and what better way to give back than put dance in to people’s lives to make it a bit more magical.